Weather Station software

Visualize, monitor, store and retrieve your local weather


Mierij Meteo has launched the weatherstation software which displays and logs your wind-, temperature- and other relevant meteo-data.  The software can be accessed via internet and gives you ready access to all your meteo data wherever you are. You can visualize, monitor, access and download your meteo data from anywhere.

Your Mierij Meteo meteo sensors can be equipped with a web-interface board which will connect your sensors to our servers – either directly or via GPRS. we can also retro-fit this connectivity if you already have our sensors installed.

It is also possible to integrate this functionality into your own website which would create public access to your realtime data. You can select instruments on a map and view detailed data and a dashboard with realtime data including a one hour history graph to help you spot trends.

You can use this software for monitoring only or combine it with a data service which will guarantee safe storage of your historic data on our servers in case you may need access to historical records.

For more info please contact us, or create a test account which will give an impression of the available functionality and service.

An example of an online weather display accessible via any PC, smartphone or tablet
(click the wind rose for another location)