MU 32

The MU 32 Datalogger / Electronics Unit is the base control system for Meteorological Stations for different applications. The unit contains a micro process or which averages the digital differential signals of the wind sensors within preset ranges. For wind direction the standard averaging time is 10 seconds and the standard operating range 0-360°. The standard operating range for wind speed is 0 to 50 meters per second. The inputs for the wind sensor are optically isolated (when using our digital wind sensors). Standard 4 other analogue sensors can be connected like Temperature / Humidity / Barometric Pressure and Solar radiation. Also this unit contains a pulse counter input for connecting a rain gauge. The MU 32 Datalogger / Electronics Unit can be adjusted for several time intervals, averaging times and measuring ranges to meet most requirements. Also the unit can be extended to connect other (meteorological) instruments. Digital (RS232 / RS422) outputs are standard available. Analogue outputs (0-20 / 4-20 mA / 0-10V ) and relays as an option. Connection via Ethernet (LAN) is also available as an option. The electronics unit is protected against inductive interference in accordance with prevailing international standards. The MU 32 Datalogger / Electronics Unit can be mounted in several enclosures depending on the application.