MH 13 & 14

Temperature transmitter


MH 14

The Mierij Meteo MH 13/14 Temperature/Humidity Transmitters are the ideal sensors for your Temperature/Humidity measurement in environmental and industrial applications. The MH 13/14 Transmitters use Rotronic’s HC2 sensors. These are very accurate and reliable and have an excellent long term stability. The sensors are for combined measurement of air humidity and air temperature in one sensor. The transmitter with 4-20 mA output is easily connected to a data acquisition system and the static discharge protection makes it suitable for all industrial applications.

For weather stations with restricted power requirements there is a low power 0-1 V output model available. Calibration is easy to carry out by simply exchanging the HC2 sensor. The Rotronic HC2 is based on a capacitive measuring principle using a polymer membrane which changes properties according to the amount of absorbed water. The HC2 is connected to the transmitter which converts the signals to a standard output of 4-20 mA. All transmitters and sensors are calibrated and have excellent lineairisation. The temperature is measured using a PT-100 which is also used for compensation of the humidity measurement. The transmitter is provided with a static discharge protection circuit.

The MH 14 has a radiation shield made from UV stabilized thermoplastic (85 mm diameter) and the MH 13 is equipped with a high end radiation shield (250 mm diameter)