Mierij Meteo new member of GHM GROUP

Eemnes, February 2018 – GHM GROUP has acquired all assets of Mierij Meteo, a Dutch
international producer of cup-anemometers and professional meteo-systems.

Mierij Meteo originates from the Dutch meteorological office (KNMI) and has over 30 years of experience in

developing, producing and maintaining meteorological equipment. Over the past decades, the company has
delivered many meteorological innovations and solutions to its customers and society. The professional range
of sensors meet the WMO standards.

The development of off-shore wind farms in the beginning of this century resulted in a
demand for a meteo-mast in the North Sea. Mierij Meteo was selected to design, build and
maintain this highly advanced offshore meteo system. A combination of many sophisticated
meteo sensors was installed, combined with the required data logging systems to provide a
fail-safe, redundant meteorological monitoring system to the North Sea Wind consortium.
Mierij Meteo is continuously developing its organisation and technologies to be able to
maintain the position on the market and to meet the changing societal and customer
demands. This is done through various partnerships (e.g. TU Delft) and their own R&D efforts.
Johannes Overhues, CEO of GHM GROUP points out: “Mierij Meteo is a company with a long
track-record in designing and applying meteo systems and adjacent services. Along with the
high-class cup-anemometers designed and built by Mierij Meteo this is a perfect
complementation of our meteo portfolio run by Delta OHM and we will continuously serve
existing and new customers in the Netherlands and other countries.”
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Mr. Robin Winters will run the meteo systems unit under the roof out of our GHM subsidiary in
the Netherlands: “Our customers will strongly benefit from the strength of the group and the
single sourcing capability which will allow customers to save cost and get fully integrated
systems from one supplier.”
GHM Messtechnik GmbH is a pioneering specialist and complete provider for innovative
measuring a regulation technology. With more than 330 employees in sixteen locations
worldwide, the company develops and produces a wide assortment of more than 2 000 highquality
device types.
The versatile portfolio comprises industrial electronics, industrial sensors, environmental
measuring technology, water analysis, process measuring technology (hygienic design), stateof-the-art
laboratory and handheld measuring devices and measurement data recording.
From the fusion of the Greisinger, Honsberg, Martens, Imtron, Delta OHM and VAL.CO
companies, the GHM GROUP still considers itself a tradition-oriented company. With an eye on
the vision of the founders, the company continues in its consistent efforts to permanently
advance measuring and regulation technology with innovative developments and applicationspecific
The central focus is the bundling of technological expertise for development of customeroriented
solutions that are appropriate for the market and tailored to the high demands of
industry and producing industry. In addition to long-term expertise and state-of-the-art
production methods, the GHM GROUP offers competent application consultation and
comprehensive customer service, high flexibility even for small part quantities, quick device
adaptations and short delivery times. This is all offered at an outstanding price-performance