Road condition monitoring system

De bekende witte paaltjes naast de snelwegen en B-wegen in Nederland zijn onderdeel van het Gladheidsmeldsysteem dat door Rijkswaterstaat wordt gebruikt voor de bepaling van de conditie van de wegen met betrekking tot gladheid. Een gladheidsmeldsysteem (GMS) bevat een aantal sensoren die in de weg zijn gemonteerd (temperatuur en geleiding) en een aantal sensoren om luchttemperatuur en vocht te met ...[Read More]

Professional temperature sensor

The MT 42 Temperature Transmitter comes as a complete set for outdoor temperature measurement including an MT 21-2 Temperature sensor (PT-100), MT 81 Transmitter with 4-20 mA output and MA 33 Radiation Shield. The set is pre assembled and easy to install. The transmitter with 4-20 mA output is ideal for use in an industrial environment and can easily be interfaced to plc’s. Long cables can be used ...[Read More]

Online access to your local weather

  Mierij Meteo has launched the weatherstation software which displays and logs your wind-, temperature- and other relevant meteo-data.  The software can be accessed via internet and gives you ready access to all your meteo data wherever you are. You can visualize, monitor, access and download your meteo data from anywhere. Your Mierij Meteo meteo sensors can be equipped with a web-interface ...[Read More]

Professional wind sensors

MW 35 and MW 36 are Mierij Meteo’s latest Industrial wind sensors. The MW35 & MW36 are shock and vibration resistant and can also be used at very low ambient temperatures. They are ideally suited for application on top of wind turbines where shock and vibration can be a problem. Other common applications include the solar energy market where wind loads might affect the solar tracking of photov ...[Read More]

Mierij Meteo launches new web site

We have completely updated our web site and we now have a web shop. The new structure of the site allows you to quickly zoom in on your particular interest area. The site provides useful background information on our sensors and their application in your operations. The new web shop allows you to quickly and conveniently order components. On the web site, we publish case studies to share insights ...[Read More]

Mierij Meteo launches online display

You can now access your meteo information online on any pc, tablet or smartphone. The new Mierij Meteo internet board is connected directly to your router or via GPRS. The meteo information of your weather station is displayed on a clear and modern online display accessible via any browser.